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I travelled down the publishing river in little more than a paper kayak full of dreams. I wrote and self-published five books that splattered across several genres, but you're only as relevant as your fame index. If your name can fill a room, a marketing whiz can make you and themselves money. It takes courage and a steady eye when you hit the rapids. I am happy to have my books on a shelf as proof I was in the club for a while despite the label of vanity author. I loved taking the trip down the river. Maybe your dreams can displace enough water to set sail right here with the Fox & Quill. Welcome aboard.

~ John Wolf ~

So what's the drill? This site is an open forum for writers that is much more than 140 characters in a box, or a site dripping with snide remarks from close enemies and dear friends. The idea is to promote your literary works of prose or poetry. Whatever is presented here is the sole ownership of the writer. This site is a billboard, a place to find and chat with other writers of all sorts. If you love the power of words, join in and lay a few on us. Sharing is sacred. Spill some ink, you're amongst friends. If you have a book to show the world, I can showcase it here. The Blog is the driving force that can reach many people through syndication. What ends up in the archive is there as long as the site is up to reference anyway you wish.

ink well